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17,705 women made 22,165 investments in Dubai worth over Dhs38.4 billion in 2021

A bird’s-eye view of Dubai skyline.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Dubai’s real estate market continues to serve as a key driver for the growth of various sectors and economic activities in the emirate, with the sector recording 84,772 transactions representing a value of Dhs300 billion in 2021, according to the annual transaction report issued by the Dubai Land Department (DLD).

The annual report highlighted that women in Dubai made a substantial contribution to its economy.

Dubai Land Department said that over
Dhs38.4 billion of investment were made by businesswomen in 2021.

Distribution of new investments

The report revealed that there were 6,897 investors from the GCC that registered 8,826 investments worth over Dhs16.88 billion.

A total of 6,097 Arab investors recorded 7,538 investments, with a value exceeding Dhs12.4 billion. Dubai’s real estate sector also attracted 38,318 foreign investors, who concluded 51,553 new investments worth over Dhs99 billion.

DLD’s statistics also revealed that 17,705 women registered 22,165 investments worth over Dhs38.4 billion in 2021, a 72% increase compared to 2020. The results indicate that businesswomen have great confidence in Dubai’s real estate market.

The achievements would not have been possible without the guidance by the leadership’s directives, the government’s economic stimulus packages and the emirate’s hosting of Expo 2020 Dubai.

The Land Department sector was able to achieve a high volume of transactions last year. Additionally, the strong fundamentals and attractiveness of Dubai’s real estate market and flexible and transparent procedures continued to draw investors from around the world.



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