ADCC to empower members through innovative solutions


Officials during the launch event.

The Abu Dhabi Community Cooperative (ADCC), a first-of-its-kind Emirati entity dedicated to empowering members of the UAE community through innovative solutions to improve their quality of life, has unveiled the brand identity of its recently launched online cooperative market, ‘Hoot’.

All ADCC members, as well as the public, will be able to access the first-of-its-kind e-market in the region and receive cashback on their online purchases. The entity’s unique business model ensures that all proceeds are effectively utilised to fulfil ADCC’s comprehensive socioeconomic objectives.

This was revealed at a special event organised by ADCC at Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi where the brand identity of the online cooperative market, Hoot, was unveiled in the presence of its board members, as well as a host of public and private entities’ representatives, online market experts, community development professionals, and media representatives. The e-store’s key characteristics, features, shopping mechanism, purposes and objectives were discussed in detail at the event.

Hoot fosters the concept of social economy through its unique community-focused approach that elevates the shopping experience and supports the community while also contributing to the inclusive development process in the UAE. The e-market aims to boost social and economic value by strengthening cohesion and cooperation between community members.

The ADCC remarked that the name ‘Hoot’ was chosen to reflect its ambitions that align with the UAE’s vision and principles of cooperation and empathy, and its focused approach on overcoming the impossible. Accordingly, ADCC was inspired to design and launch a large e-market capable of competing with popular e-commerce apps and platforms.

Hoot offers a unique shopping experience for all customers who will receive cashback on their purchases even if they are not members of ADCC. The benefits will be shared with the community through initiatives and projects in diverse sectors such as healthcare, education, career and social empowerment, thereby contributing to the growth of ADCC and enhancing its services delivered to the public.

In its first phase, Hoot offers 100,000 products and will consistently broaden its product portfolio to reach 1,000,000 by the end of 2022. It will offer competitively priced quality products to foster the value of positive, development-oriented consumption.

The online cooperative market has set its sights on becoming the leading electronic cooperative shopping destination in the UAE and the Mena region, the products currently available online include electronics, fashion and beauty goods, home and office appliances, books, grocery items, healthcare, and baby products. Amongst other product offerings are a choice of picnic, camping and sporting products.

Speaking on the occasion, Ali Al Saloom, Chairman of the Board of Directors, ADCC, said: “Hoot e-market is the outcome of comprehensive planning and strategic research that has taken into consideration both economic viability as well as social impact. By implementing the results of the studies, ADCC aims to build a strong foundation for a unique economic project that contributes to strengthening community cohesion. It will introduce shoppers to a new experience in e-commerce that closely aligns with the concept of socio-economic development.”

“We collaborate with a range of like-minded partners to fulfil the goals of our ambitious project and to encourage productivity and nurture the charitable sector with pioneering ideas. We remain committed to ensure that Hoot e-market’s activities are community-oriented. Through this approach, we seek to promote fair business practices, and incorporate values of charity into our economic activities, while harnessing modern technology to serve community projects and expand the scope of beneficiaries,” he added.

Al Saloom thanked the Ministry of Economy‘s Cooperatives and Strategic Stocks Department and the Abu Dhabi Department of Community Development, for their ongoing support to ADCC since its inception. He pointed out that the unstinting support offered to such initiatives fosters cohesion and boosts partnership at all levels, and helps serve the community and improve quality of life across the UAE.

Meanwhile during the celebration of UAE’s 50th anniversary, the Abu Dhabi Community Cooperative (ADCC) has announced the launch of its first project — online store that relies on cooperative principles to deliver services in vital sectors to society.

Currently in its first phase, the digital platform will be accessible only to the cooperative’s members who will enjoy a free 30-day subscription starting Dec.2, as ADCC celebrates the UAE’s Golden Jubilee. Subsequently, all members of the public will be able to access this e-store.

In its first phase, the online store offers 100,000 competitively priced, quality, and community development-oriented products for purchase. This number is expected to grow to 1,000,000 by the end of 2022.


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