Al Dhaid Date Festival opened


Top officials during the inauguration ceremony in Sharjah.

The second edition of Al Dhaid Date Festival kicked off on Friday, featuring a wide participation of producers, retailers, distributors and farmers.

The event was launched by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) and will run until 6th November.

Abdallah Sultan Al Owais, SCCI Chairman, stressed that the Al Dhaid Date Festival is part of Sharjah Chamber’s tireless efforts to support various economic sectors in the emirate, including the dates trade and production sector, as dates are among the staple items for households in the UAE particularly and the Gulf region in general.

He highlighted the importance of the festival in encouraging the production and processing of dates to increase efficiency, promote this important and vital sector, and allow local farmers to find other platforms that help them show the dates they produce, not to mention attracting those interested in the date industry and its development locally and regionally.

“The festival is part of the Chamber’s efforts to support local products and promote sectors that provide added value to the vibrant economy of the Emirate of Sharjah, and we are sure that the festival is an important platform to find new investment opportunities, and an additional endeavour to preserve the age-old heritage of the people of the UAE, support owners of palm-producing farms, and promote the palm farming sector’s development and sustainability via more innovative programme and activities”, Al Owais added.

Mohammed Musabbeh Al Tunaiji, General Coordinator of the Festival, stressed that the second edition is witnessing a distinguished participation, as exhibitors offer a variety of local dates so that consumers can have them at competitive prices, in addition to introducing visitors to the wonderful selection for which Al Dhaid in particular and the UAE in general are famous.


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