Anish Singh Thakur’s venture Booming Bulls Academy is hitting new milestones


Anish Singh Thakur.

Generally, when a new bee enters the field of the stock market, he gets confused with the amount of information available freely over the internet in an unstructured manner & which is the key reason why many people fail in their early stages. To conquer this problem and give learners a structured learning approach through which anyone can learn stock market trading, Anish and his team have established a simplified trading course.

Anish Singh Thakur, the Founder & CEO of Booming Bulls Academy and a trading mentor, has immense trading experience and a core ability to simplify complex trading concepts, making him a good trainer.

Anish’s skill in simplifying complex trading concepts and explaining them in an easy-to-understand way makes him an excellent trading mentor, and that is why the Booming Bulls YouTube channel reached the milestone of 1 Million Subscribers & 80M+ views within a less period of time.

Booming Bulls Elite Traders Mentorship Program offered by the Booming Bulls Academy is an intense curriculum to make anyone a professional trader. This curriculum is strictly based on self-experience and the theoretical implications of the market.

Anish Singh Thakur established Booming Bulls Academy with a vision of sharing the right trading knowledge with fellow traders helping them to earn consistent money through trading. Until Now, he has mentored more than 12,500+ and a lot of his students are performing well in the field of the stock market.

” At booming bulls, we focus on making you an elite trader. We focus on the core abilities such as trading plan, trading system, right trading psychology, life management, etc. Trading is a serious business & more than business, it is a skill, and one needs focus and determination in order to master the skill of trading.” says Anish.

By sharing valuable trading knowledge through YouTube and other social media handles, Anish and his venture Booming Bulls Academy, are creating a positive change in the traders’ community. Booming Bulls Mentorship Program is now available in two modes. One is the online mode of learning, and the other is the offline mode, where you can learn trading offline with the help of Booming Bulls Hybrid Centers.

Reaching a milestone of 1 Million subscribers is just the start of the long journey of Booming Bulls toward the long-term mission of positively impacting millions of people through correct trading knowledge and human principles of growth and development.



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