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Dubai Culture and Arts Authority recognises Binghatti Pearls as the third architectural marvel among the city’s hyper-modern skyscrapers.

Inayat-ur-Rahman, Business Editor

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority recognised the most awe-inspiring towers during World Architecture Day and listed Binghatti Pearls as the third architectural marvel among the city’s hyper-modern skyscrapers.

The iconic project was designed by Binghatti, one of the fastest-growing companies in Dubai, known for its vast portfolio of real estate projects with groundbreaking architectural design. The façade of the building emulates seashells found in the region to pay homage to Dubai’s deep pearl diving tradition. Binghatti Pearls sculpts a voluptuous profile in Dubai’s most innovative district. The project was launched in 2016 and was completed in 2017, comprising 313 exquisite apartments. The overall design of the hyper property relies on the multiplication of geometrical units constructing the exterior envelopes of the façade that is aesthetic in form and constructive in function.

“We are deeply honoured by this distinguished recognition given by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority to Binghatti Pearls among all the prodigious architectural wonders in Dubai.

We believe that conceptualizing and building this modern work of art can be a catalyst to cultivate a culture of innovation and ingenuity that will make Dubai a hub of architectural masterpieces not just in the region but also in the world.”, said Muhammad Binghatti, CEO & Head of Architecture.

Muhammad believes that Dubai has a profound and inimitable history that can be shared with the international sphere. From that notion, he developed the concept of Binghatti Pearls, taking inspiration from the city’s deep-rooted culture and applying Binghatti’s design principle to form an astounding work of art that reflects Dubai’s innovative and dynamic ethos.  “Dubai has established an exceptional architectural heritage shaping the world with its famous quintessential towers marked by international standards, innovation, and advanced technology.”


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