Art for Everyone, Sculpting with Technology, the idea of democratising the $1.8 Trillion Asset Class


Artfi is building a platform that enables and wider the size of the audience.

A lot is happening in the World of Web3, traditional business houses are finding their way to make their move into the ecosystem, and we see Dubai becoming the favourite jurisdiction for the Crypto Native projects.

With this fast-moving new-age technology, there is a lot of innovation that we are witnessing every day, Artfi is building a platform that enables and wider the size of the audience in investing in Fine Arts enabled by NFTs and Blockchain.

Artfi was founded by Asif Kamal, an Indian Art Connoisseur and the founder of International Art House Alturaash Art.

The process of buying art has never been the same, it has changed over the years, its cost and the purpose of buying it. Even the process of buying art has changed, from visiting the gallery to using a mobile application to bid for the art.

The one important thing that hasn’t changed throughout this process is the authentication and the model of ownership.

Still, the same old tradition in which auction houses and galleries issue each on paper and give one certificate and one invoice.

By bringing it onto blockchain Artfi is going to redefine the model of ownership and blockchain technology will assure the proof of ownership, authenticity, and provenance.

What we are not going to change is the way the painting is displayed and showcased, the Artfi Foundation will display and promote every art in a more useful approach.

The project is being appreciated by industry veterans and has attracted a lot of investors participate in the Pre-Seed and Seed Round of the project.

In the latest update from the company press release and post on social media, the eminent Art Collector and Director of Landmark Group, CEO of Fashion Brand “Splash”, Raza Beig has invested in Artfi and also has joined Artfi Global’s board of advisors as “executive advisors”.

Along with Raza, Aly Raza Beig founder of Bredpuma has joined Artfi as CTO. Aly is a very early adopter of the Web3 ecosystem and holds very deep knowledge about it. Aly is passionate about blockchain and its major concepts such as NFT, DAo and Cryptography.




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