Become an IMDDXB member to experience the best of the UAE


IMDDXB members can gain access to the most unique entertainment, spa, holiday, dining, and delivery experiences.

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Exclusive things are not for everybody, and if you are an influencer who is visiting Dubai, we have something that will bestow you with the nicest of the UAE. We are sure you don’t want to miss this! So, what is all this buzz about? Well, IMDDXB, one of the leading influencer marketing agencies, has the best membership services.

Seeing the rising demand for influencers among brands, IMDDXB came forward to bridge the gap between brands and influencers. Speaking more precisely, they connect the brands with the right type of influencers who further boost their visibility on social media and, thereby, their sales. But what about their membership? So you can be a member of IMDDXB, which will bring you many advantages.

Underling the aforementioned, IMDDXB members can gain access to the most unique entertainment, spa, holiday, dining, and delivery experiences that the UAE has to offer. Moreover, by being an IMDDXB member, you will be given first preference and a VIP permit to several unique events that will be hosted by their partners. And we assume you know their partners, don’t you? IMDDXB’s happy partners include Versace, Tilda, Inka, Pizzetta, Cosmo Yachts, Barasti, and Shisha Puffs.

All of these names are reputed brands in the Dubai market. Wouldn’t you feel deluxe and outstanding to attend events hosted by them? Here’s what the founder of IMDDXB, Rahul Kaul, says. “So, after listening to all this, you might have realised that, as an IMDDXB member, you hold the unique key to our exclusive benefits which are unavailable to the general public.”

If you are at all sceptical about this membership, you can go through IMDDXB’s Instagram profile to see the proof! They have numerous tags that justify their services. Besides influencer marketing, IMDDXB also offers other services like market and content strategies, data analysis, branding, captivating content creation, and everything that will enhance your social media presence. Furthermore, IMDDXB also has a community of global influencers and has worked with prominent UAE brands.


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