Castrol Lubricants in Middle East launches Castrol Magnatec with Dualock technology


Castrol Magnatec has sold 1 billion liters worldwide throughout its 20-year history.

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Castrol launches the latest generation of Castrol Magnatec engine oil featuring Dualock technology. This industry-first formulation is the result of ten years of research and development to create a lubricant specifically engineered for today’s urban driving environment and designed to protect engines against the wear caused by re-starting in busy traffic.

The average driver can stop and start as many as 18,000* times a year which can cause permanent damage. Informed by market trends and cutting-edge university research, Castrol developed its reinvented Castrol Magnatec formulation specifically to address this challenge. The unique molecule in Dualock Technology clings like a magnet, locks together at the engine’s surface to create a powerful layer of protection, delivering a 50%** better protection in warm-up and re-start wear.

New Castrol Magnatec with Dualock technology is set to launch across all Middle East markets where urbanization and traffic congestion are growing.

“Castrol Magnatec has sold 1 billion liters worldwide throughout its 20-year history,” says Robert Gerritsen, General Manager Castrol Lubricants, Middle East. “We chose to launch this new generation of Castrol Magnatec with Dualock technology because of the critical need in Middle East growing urban driving environment, and our long-standing commitment to and understanding of the local market here. Castrol is one of the fastest growing lubricant brands in Middle East markets, and Castrol Magnatec is the biggest contributor to our lubricant business. We hope that this new launch will help to reignite the lubricants market across Middle East markets and further enhance our leadership position.”

New Castrol magnatec with Dualock technology is currently on shelves across Middle East markets. The launch will be supported by advertising that focuses on Castrol Magnatec’s ability to cling, lock and protect the critical engine components.

Global average from 50 cities, Castrol Magnatec stop-start index 2014.

Tested versus the Sequence IVA API SN wear limit.

 Tested versus the CEC OM646LA ACEA wear limits.


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