Celia Aesthetic Clinic offers unique healthcare services in Dubai


Mohamad Kaskous with Dr Hafsa Al-Hamdany.

The latest statistics on Dubai’s total foreign trade for the cosmetics sector during the first-half of 2020 and 2021 shows a significant increase in terms of value and volume, indicating the gathering pace of recovery in the cosmetics sector.

“Dubai is a market leader in science of aesthetics and innovation and Celia Aesthetic Clinic offers a unique experience in the concept of cosmetic clinics,” said Mohamad Kaskous, CEO, Celia Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai.

Kaskous echoed that his facility has adopted a philosophy that ensures everyone can benefit from its services and experience luxury, regardless of their budget.

“Celia Aesthetic Clinic is specialized in non-surgical cosmetic services of all kinds, starting with fillers and Botox, professional skin care procedures, including deep cleaning and peeling of all kinds, Laser hair removal devices and non-surgical slimming services such as fat dissolving injections, or fat freezing and breaking devices.”

“The clinic has a wide range of rejuvenation treatments, plasma and DNA injections, in addition to stem cells.” Kaskous concluded.

Dr. Hafsa Al-Hamdany, Medical Director of Celia Aesthetic Clinic, added that the clinic is trying to provide a new concept with services provided, for example, with regard to the intravenous vitamins drips, it is provided by the clinic on a massage chair in which the patient can obtain five different settings, from yoga to relaxation, zero gravity, and other positions.

 “In addition to augmented virtual reality technology, allowing the patient to experience a wonderful experience of watching movies in 3D, or browsing social media, enjoying reality games, and other options. All these experiences are provided as an additional value without affecting the treatment price.” She added.

“As for the specialized staff at Celia Aesthetic Clinic, they are distinguished in terms of long experience and impressive results in what they do, and this is clearly reflected through the evaluation of the clients, through Google reviews, or clinic’s pages in the social media as testimonies. This could not have been without the professionalism of the team, the wonderful results and the care that the patient received, and thus the experience was upgraded in the overall sense.” Dr. Hafsa concluded.


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