ConvrtX becomes the largest venture studio in the GCC


Josh Adler.

The world is conditioned to think that in order to be a part of a credible tech startup, you have to pack your bags and move to established geographical startup ecosystems such as Silicon Valley. However, businesses are finding success in other locales, trumping this unwritten rule and proclaiming the world as their startup ecosystem.

One of those bold businesses is ConvrtX, the largest venture studio in the GCC and among the fastest-growing in the world.

What began as a team of 20 people just two years ago has become a force of 100 team members around the world. ConvrtX’s team members sit hundreds of miles from one another and have individual native tongues, but are unified by their drive to bring products into the world that will change lives for the better.

ConvrtX specializes in creating SaaS-based startups that start from scratch and scale into an entire business.

Adler, founder and CEO of the venture studio, is an avid believer in prioritizing diversity and inclusivity. As a global leader in the SaaS incubation industry, it takes insight and intuition that can only be gained through hands-on experience.

Currently, ConvrtX has startups across five continents. The venture studio is a born global company that harnesses the necessary expertise to support more  born global startups capable of transforming markets.

“Regardless of where you are in the world, the work doesn’t change,” Adler said. “And we have not let being a cross-border model slow us down. If anything, it has propelled ConvrtX.”

The company’s global team has a breadth of knowledge of cultural values so that they can connect with and better understand their startups. Team members prioritize an account management system that can anticipate and understand client needs.

That commitment is a testament to the shared dedication to the mission, Adler said.

“It’s remarkable that when a few people set their eyes on a target, they can evolve it or optimize it for the 21st century we are living in,” he said.

To say that ConvrtX is simply a ‘digital company’ is an understatement, and it is fast proving to be the future of business incubation.

The corporate culture of the venture studio is a constantly evolving one, ready to keep up with the pulse of the world.

Through the pandemic, it is becoming increasingly clear that a remote working model is not only feasible but also productive and efficient. Borders no longer restrict talent, and employees have the freedom to pan out their work processes as they see fit to meet deadlines and produce promised results.

While ConvrtX’s model is not a product of the unprecedented Covid era, it is one of the rare startups that managed to scale despite the pandemic.

ConvrtX has steadily built a portfolio that spans several industries, including fintech, edutech, healthcare, entertainment, on-demand services, social media, AR, VR, and blockchain.

“It’s incredible how many people want to create change,” Adler said, adding that ConvrtX’s startups often come in with the goal of revolutionizing entire industries. The company can help support and fuel that passion and build the ideas to make it a reality.“It’s crazy to see how much can truly be improved upon in society,” Adler said.

SaaS scalability knows no bounds. While some startups currently at ConvrtX may be inclined to operate locally, the venture studio has provided plans on how they can offer their solutions to a broader market in the future.

The venture studio recently inaugurated its latest CSR platform, called Open Advisor, which boasts a network of thousands of startup advisors worldwide, ready to be placed with the most suitable SaaS startup across multiple industries. 





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