Crypto Investor claims billionaire status overnight as market crashes


Carl Runefelt poses for a photograph.

Hot tip, if you want to be a billionaire no matter the market, simply declare your new status to the digital world, that will do the trick.

Swedish crypto content creator Carl Runefelt is currently ruffling feathers with his outlandish claims that he has managed to amass an earning of one billion dollars within the cryptocurrency space, despite cryto a sharp drop in crypto value.

Once just a cashier making minimum wage, Carl Runefelt claims that Bitcoin’s power spoke to him in 2018 and inspired him to follow it into the great unknown. Apparently, where others see prosperity, Carl Runefelt sees problems and navigates them before they take him down. This supposed crypto savant claims that all the tools needed to weather every Bitcoin storm can be found on his YouTube channel; ‘The Moon’.

Launched in 2017 the channel boasts over 550,000 subscribers and claims to show anyone how to build a Bitcoin empire and protect it from every insecurity it could ever face. The young entrepreneur has become the town crier of the crypto world, capitalized video titles shout: THIS BITCOIN PUMP IS A TRAP?? He claims that the Bitcoin pump and dump crisis is a total fallacy, his only proof being that he has somehow achieved billionaire status amidst the recent crash.

What does Carl Runefelt know that insiders and experts of the industry don’t? With his rising subscription numbers and the average views per video soaring to 40,000, it’s clear that he has gotten people’s attention and they want in on his secret.

Does this young entrepreneur really have some treasured insider knowledge that has built him an impervious billionaire empire, can the hype be believed? Carl Runefelt’s current claims of billionaire status don’t answer these questions, they just make his apparent success as intriguing as it is mysterious.



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