Dr. Job: The first platform to combine freelance and full-time work


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Are you looking for career independence and financial security at the same time? The answer is Dr. Job, the first site of its kind that combines full-time jobs and freelancing on one platform! The site connects employers and employees on the one hand, and project owners and freelancers on the other. Get to know Dr. Job.

The first site of its sort to combine freelancing and full-time work:

Dr. Job was the first website to respond to the changing labor market by developing the first platform of its kind that combines freelancing and full-time work.

Any job seeker can discover the perfect opportunity for him through Dr.Job, whether through full-time work, freelancing, or both! How do you go about it? Find out below!

Dr. Job offers employers the opportunity to select the best candidates at no cost.

Diversity in the workplace increases productivity. As an entrepreneur, you should be searching for ways to grow your business without incurring additional costs. You should be open to diversifying among employees by forming a work team that comprises both full-time employees and freelancers. And you can only find this opportunity through Dr. Job’s platform.


Not only that, but Dr. Job’s site has no geographical limitations. Therefore, if you’re looking for freelancers or even full-time employees, you’ll be able to hire people worldwide.

Dr. Job provides job seekers with the opportunity to start their own businesses… and an additional income!

Have you ever considered increasing your income without risking the financial security that your job provides? What if we told you that you could start a small business without quitting your day job?

These options are available through the Dr. Job platform, which allows you to work as a freelancer by applying to published projects, which will help you establish your own business.

You can also publish your projects and gain access to freelancers looking for work.

Don’t you have a job? No problem; as previously stated, Dr. Job is a recruitment platform that allows you to apply for your dream job in any country with a simple subscription.

Dr. Job is home to more than 47,000 companies all over the world

Dr. Job, founded in early 2016 and based in the United Arab Emirates, has become a vital part of the labor market, with an in-depth understanding of the Gulf and Middle East job sectors.

Dr. Job has risen in popularity and earned the trust of its users in the region, with over 47,000 enterprises and over 5 million job seekers. It is now present in more than one country throughout the world, bringing together the best abilities with the best institutions without regard for geography.

Dr. Job keeps up with the most cutting-edge technological advancements in the workplace.

Dr. Job’s website makes it simple to conduct business thanks to the innovative technological tools required to find work or employees. Dr. Job’s recruitment solutions are powered by 360-degree artificial intelligence, simulating the most common ATS technologies in the recruitment world to help its subscribers with the recruitment process.


Dr. Job does not rely solely on technology in the hiring process. Dr.Job’s team works diligently and professionally to verify all jobs and ensure clients are fully protected from fraud and information breaches on other recruitment sites.

Dr. Job implemented a workplace diversity policy

Dr. Job’s management did not delay keeping pace with the new business era by launching the first platform of its kind that simulates the requirements of the times and by following this strategy within its offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Dr. Job brings together talents from the UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon regionally, and India and Pakistan internationally. To realize its long-term vision and translate the desire to launch the platform on the ground.

How to subscribe?

Subscribing to Dr. Job is a simple process. If you are a job seeker, you can register for a modest charge at https://www.drjobpro.com/en/jobseekers/register and access hundreds of jobs via your mobile!

If you’re an employer, you may advertise your openings for free at https://employer.drjobpro.com/en.

Project owners can visit https://employer.drjobpro.com/en/register?userType=client to publish their projects.

Dr. Job promises you a leg up on the competition, so what are you waiting for to visit the site and start writing your own success story?


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