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A leading Flight Charter company, which has expanded its wings across the globe with its offices located in ME, Africa, Europe, and Asia, has now opened its branch in Dubai, UAE. Mayfair Jets with the slogan ‘Flexible to your choice’ offers its clients its expertise in all areas of private aviation.

There is no doubt that the business of flying private is complex but Mayfair Jets makes the journey simple, safe, and secure.

Mayfair Jets believes in simplicity in whatever they do from initial charter requests to the final wheels down.

From paperless booking to flight follow-up, the services of Mayfair Jets are based on streamlining the customers’ journey and maximizing their hours.

As far as safety is concerned, Mayfair Jets is incomparable as it has the highest safety standards. Mayfair Jets is an ACA member, Argus certified, and EBAA member, which is more than sufficient to demonstrate Mayfair Jets’ everyday culture of safety.

What are the benefits of flying with a private jet?


Land closer to your destination, and you decide on the departure and arrival VIP terminals. Mayfair Jets provides access land to any smaller airports closest to your destination. No long intermediate stops, no more overnight stays in the airport, or hours of waiting between flights.

What are the services offered in the commercial charter?


No matter the type of group travel, we can all agree that a direct charter flight is much more appealing than a flying commercial with a two-hour layover and a terminal change. For some groups, flying direct is a logistical necessity for the trip, and it is not always possible to book a large group direct on commercial flights or through group sales departments.

For our corporate travel partners – be sure to eliminate one of the hardships of travel and cut down on travel time. If you have a very large group of 500+, sometimes it will take a combination of multiple charter flights and scheduled service to get the group to their destination.

Does Mayfair Jets provide a helicopter tour?


Enjoy the helicopter trip of a lifetime, taking in unique views of the most famous landmarks. You can leave the crowds behind and see the city from a fresh perspective. While the ability to fly backward is unique (more or less), the true advantage of the helicopter is vertical flight. This means you can bring people and equipment to places that do not have a runway.

What are the other services provided by Mayfair Jets?


We can travel to any city at any time and reach the destination within the time limit. You will not face any delay like a normal road ambulance service. The purpose of every air ambulance is to take the patients to the hospital on time.


Our team members have been interactive with regional and international situations since the Arab Spring ignited in 2010.


Over a vast period, we have been privileged by operating special (Falcon) Hunting Flights for a huge list of customers in the GCC region:

1- Royal Houses

2- Entourage

3- Youth Groups


Mayfair Jets offers transparent and competitive pricing options and will negotiate the best aircraft charter deals available to suit your needs. Regular updates to keep customers in the loop at every stage of the journey. Never compromising on security or safety to protect the goods being transported.

What are the different types of cargo services provided by Mayfair Jets?


Fast response and comprehensive service from the global charter sales team

Flights tailored to customers’ specific requirements

Aircraft crew, maintenance, and insurance

Landing/traffic permits

Fuel planning, ground operations, and flight permitting

Air waybill provision

Special loads expertise and load planning

Dangerous goods experience

Cargo loading breakdown—even for special loads and outsized cargo

24/7 Global Operational control center

On-time, real-time performance monitoring and updates for temperature control

Can someone/ firm lease a jet from Mayfair Jets?


1- Dry Lease

2- Wet Lease

3- Damp Lease

1. Website:  https://mayfairjets.com/
2. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mayfair-jets/
3. YouTube:  https://youtu.be/W8TC7veZzJU
4. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MayfairJets


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