Expo hosts the fifth edition of The BURJ CEO Awards


Top officials during the events of the fifth edition of The BURJ CEO Awards and Business Summit at Al Wasl Dome.

Sajjad Ahmad, Deputy Business Editor

The success of the Expo 2020 Dubai confirmed the leading role of the UAE in supporting international efforts for greater cooperation to overcome future challenges and accelerate economic growth in the post-COVID era, this was revealed during the events of the fifth edition of The BURJ CEO Awards and Business Summit, held at Expo Al Wasl Dome.

Participants of the event were informed during the event about the flexible business environment of the UAE, which provides opportunities of growth and sustainability to businesses and encourage entrepreneurs.

“The current edition of the award is witnessing great participation between companies and institutions and individuals from all over the world,” said Dr Tariq Ahmed Nizami, Founder & CEO, CEO Clubs Network Worldwide.

Nizami expressed his happiness at the presence of The BURJ CEO Awards within Expo Dubai, said that Dubai presented the world in 6 months the image of progress and prosperity that the UAE is experiencing.

He added that the UAE wise leadership is working to attract companies, investors and entrepreneurs, by providing excellent infrastructure, supported by professional expertise and personal services, which give the state a competitive advantage over other countries, explaining that the Emirate of Dubai has been able to be the first interface among the cities of the world in attracting companies and investors around the world.

Dr Tariq Ahmed Nizami stressed that the BURJ CEO Awards is a brand of CEO Clubs Network Worldwide and it is like the Oscars of the commercial world, it was launched 2016 in USA, 2017 in the UK, 2018 in China, 2019 in Mauritius and now for the first time in Dubai during Expo Dubai closing week. The award ceremony on Saturday (March 26) will be attended by Head of States, High Government Officials, Ministers from different countries, Diplomats, VIPs, Dubai Expo Delegations, Top CEOs, Local & International Business Community, Celebrities and CEO Clubs Network Elite Members from all over the world. He explained that the club supervises more than 16,000 people from different pavilions of Expo, celebrities and elite members of The CEO Clubs Network Worldwide.

Dr Saeed Mohammed Al Ghandi, former Minister of Environment and Water, said that the CEO Clubs Network Worldwide played a major role in developing and communicating with companies, institutions and businessmen inside and outside the UAE.

He added that the network during the Expo period played a major role in communication between businessmen and workers in the Expo and the Department of Industry, Trade and Economy, explaining that the network provides lectures and workshops for emerging companies and introduces them to the capabilities that the UAE provides to all investors from around the world.

The exhibition was a glimmer of hope for creating a bright future for humanity, as it formed a global gateway to make partnerships between all over the world.

Al Ghandi explained that the UAE wise leadership provides unlimited support to all local and international companies, so that the UAE has become one of the first-rate countries that attract investors from all over the world, stressing that The BURJ CEO Awards is one of the cutting edge awards granted to companies and individuals, and the Tower Award aims to embrace all Emirati and international companies on a journey of excellence, recognizing and celebrating the success of CEOs and organizations who are leading the way to establish new standards of business excellence, and whose ongoing and outstanding achievements serve as an inspiration to all like-minded organizations around the world, the prestigious BURJ CEO Award is an intensive corporate qualification initiative aims to integrate the best international business practices and compete globally.

Dr Mahmoud Al-Borai, CEO of Dubai land and advisor to the United Nations Cities Program, stressed during a press conference the importance of launching CEO Clubs Network Worldwide in its fifth edition from Dubai, given that the UAE, in various circumstances, amid the pandemic, and the various strategies developed by countries to address Covid 19, was able to maintain the stability of investment and industries therein, and the continuation of business growth as well, in light of the availability of infrastructure and supporting and facilitating laws for anyone who wishes to invest in the state in any sector.


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