Here’s how this free app turned amateurs into UAE’s top professional stock market traders


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In the present digital world, investing has become the go-to platform for making money.

But how do you know if you are on the right track and not get duped?

Trading and investing in the stock market has a learning curve that we must adhere to. Going into business without first having some basic knowledge of how the market works and the tools at our disposal increases your risk of getting into trouble. Simulators provide learning platforms for people who want to start learning how to invest.

They are also good for those who already know they are trading their local stock market, but maybe they don’t know about other markets, like currencies or indices, for example.

In addition to being super fun, stock market simulators can be a tool to discover how the markets work, but avoiding the risks of operating in the real market.

Thanks to these stock market simulators and “demo” accounts, you can perform the simplest operations to familiarise yourself with the functioning of the markets and their mechanisms.

Simulators allow us to invest in stocks as if we were doing it in the real world, but using virtual money, so we can learn how to invest without risking our own capital.

Access a free stock simulator here

How to choose the simulator?

The hard fact is that there aren’t many free simulators on the market, let alone ones that let you use them as an APP or PC version and offer real-time data, but that would be expensive.

That is why we are here to introduce you to the best options around, that is ArgoTrade which offers free real-time access, as well as prices, quotes and charts, for over 2000 assets, including stocks and shares, major international indices, company stocks, [JK1]currencies, metals and commodities. [JK2]This simulator offers a range of tools that perform technical analysis as well as risk management tools like stop loss, which allows you to follow the markets from anywhere in the world. In addition, once you request the free simulator, you will be able to access different training programs  live and in video format.

Click here to request the simulator and start practicing to become the new Wolf of Wall Street.

Disclaimer: CFD trading is risky


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