How boxer & entrepreneur, Khalid Nasser turned around his life like a champion


Khalid Nasser.

No matter how tough your situation is and how difficult it seems to get out of it, you can always move on. You just need to have a strong will to do so and the intention to take the first step. Khalid Nassar is a true blue example that if you have decided to change your life then nothing in the world has the power to stop you. You may face huge difficulties but in the end, only you’ll be victorious.

Khalid is an entrepreneur and boxer who has become an inspiration to many at the age of 32. Despite having challenging beginnings, Khalid made it big in his life and he did it by deciding to do it and then sticking to the plan.

Born in Dubai, Khalid Nasser is the son of Salma Khan, a famous and veteran fashion designer in the UAE. Talking about why he took up boxing, Khalid says that he was a troublemaker and needed to focus his energy on something productive. Scared of ending up in a bad place, he took up the sport and it made him a better person.

Right now, Khalid Nasser is managing his business and doing boxing too. “I didn’t switch I’m still doing both of them, boxing by the morning and entrepreneur by night.” he says. Khalid runs his own water brand called Shukran.

Talking about his journey Khalid Nasser says that it has been difficult juggling between two things, but he has also learned a lot. Khalid spills beans about the challenges and says that he often feels a lack of time to do everything including his work, training, spending time with his family, and social life. But it gets easy once you’ve got your priorities in order, he says.

Khalid Nasser says that his family is his motivation. Coming from a humble background he now strives to make sure his kids have everything they want and live a comfortable life. His goal is to be a legend in his city, to make a lot of money, and to do more charity.

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