Kerala event hosts 2,417 B2B meets


The three-day Vyapar 2022 facilitated trade deals worth Rs1.05 billion.

Ashraf Padanna, Correspondent

Kerala’s three-day Vyapar 2022 business-to-business summit that concluded on Saturday has drawn facilitated trade deals worth Rs1.05 billion from 2,417 meets.

An official statement issued by the state government here on Sunday said 330 buyers clinched pacts with 324 sellers from across the country. It said virtual meets will follow next week boosting the state’s pandemic-hit micro, small and medium enterprises that showcased their products and technological competence.

The meet had focused on seven key sectors and the most number of business deals were struck in food processing, Ayurveda, handlooms and textiles.

The event at the Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium Ground featured 331 stalls open to the general public on the last day.

“Kerala is surging towards meeting its target of setting up 100,000 MSMEs in the current financial year,” the state’s industries minister P Rajeeve said.

“At least 13,137 enterprises in the micro, small and medium sector have registered in the first two-and-a-half months of the current fiscal year.

The B2B meets held on the first two days of the event generated a potential business of Rs 1,051,942,500. Of the 324 sellers, 15 were government agencies.

“The MSMEs have brought in an investment of Rs9.8273 billion so far this fiscal, giving employment to 30,698 people,” the minister said.

“Sustained efforts have led to the recruitment of 1,155 interns at the village level to train entrepreneurs and many of them hold master’s degrees in business management.”

The Kerala Bureau of Industrial Promotion (K-Bip), which coordinated the event, said it highlighted the eminence of the state’s food items and traditional wellness system. “The virtual meets slated to be held towards the end of next week will further cement the business deals,” it said.


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