Looking for a non-resident mortgage in Dubai or the UAE? This Proptech startup built by two French engineers has the perfect solution for you


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Dubai and UAE’s property market has always been sought after by both residents and non-residents. In fact, non-residents represented ~45% of Dubai’s property buyers in 2021, and continue to be very bullish on the market in 2022.

While many non-residents do not know it, through the “mortgage in UAE for non-residents” offers, most of the buyers are actually being financed by local UAE banks, who have a strong appetite in financing non-residents at very attractive rates.

Lenddoo Mortgages, a leading Proptech Firm in the UAE, has helped UAE Banks develop a tailored “mortgage offer for non-residents”, and became the leading mortgage broker for non-residents in Dubai and the UAE.

Here is how they can help you.

Lenddoo makes it POSSIBLE to have a mortgage in Dubai for non-residents, 100% commission free

Yes, non-resident and international investors willing to acquire a property in Dubai can avail a mortgage in the UAE. Lenddoo proposes various offers to investors to acquire a property and has helped hundreds of non-resident property buyers just in 2022.

Yet it’s remains important to know that non-resident property buyers still have limited options for property loans compared to UAE citizens and expats. Practically, not all the Banks have the appetite for non-residents financing, and the Banks that do finance non-residents need the buyers to meet specific criteria before doing so. This is why it is important to be advised by the right experts before proceeding with a mortgage in Dubai.

Lenddoo has built the UAE’s leading mortgage product for non-residents and does not charge any commissions to their clients as they get remunerated by their banking partners.

UAE non-resident mortgages explained:

  • LTV: You can get up to 75% LTV mortgage being a non-resident in Dubai

    With Lenddoo, non-residents can get a mortgage in Dubai up to 75% LTV (loan to value). In the banking jargon, this is considered to be on “full docs” e.g. all documentation has to be as per the requirements, and any missing document might make the application fail. For clients willing to get lower LTVs, e.g. 40 or 50%, documentation can be “lighter” and the process can also be faster.

  • Mortgage amount: Get up to 25M AED with Lenddoo

    Mortgage amounts for non-residents can go from 250,000 AED to 25M AED! Banks do have the appetite to offer such amounts and have financed hundreds of cases above 20M AED per year. Check your mortgage eligibility here with Lenddoo’s UAE mortgage calculator.

  • Tenor: Up to 25 years

Non-resident buyers can get mortgages up to 25 years, on the condition that the mortgage ends by the time they are 65y old.

Lenddoo has defined the top 5 criteria to be eligible for a mortgage as a non-resident

As a non-resident, salaried, these are the top 5 mortgage eligibility criteria:

These are the documents you would need to apply for a non-resident mortgage in Dubai

Your ID:

  • Passport copy
  • Residency copy
  • Recent utility bill

    Your banking statements

  • 6 months personal banking statements

    Your credit report

  • Banks usually ask for your credit report to be able to calculate your total debt exposure

    If you are salaried:

  • Your salary certificate, stating your date of joining, your salary and your title
  • Your last 6 months payslips, from your employer

    If you are employed:

  • Depending on the bank, you might be required to submit your company documentation, e.g. Trade license, MoA, Share Certificate, Audited Accounts and Bank statements

Have more questions or want to speak to an expert? Request a free mortgage consultation call with Lenddoo, the UAE’s leading mortgage experts for non-residents.





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