Over 70 global futurists set to showcase their visions at DFF


The event will host 30 sessions including panel discussions, live debates on the future trajectory of the world at the Museum of the Future.

Dubai Future Forum (DFF)  has revealed its speaker list, comprising more than 70 of the world’s leading futurists from 45 organisations who will lead discussions about the most pressing questions of our time.

Held under the patronage of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), the Forum will take place between 11-12 October and is organised by DFF. It will represent the world’s largest gathering of futurists and will convene 400 of the world’s leading experts, scientists, innovators, and luminaries at the Museum of the Future in 30 sessions including panel discussions, live debates and to predict the future trajectory of the world.

Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of State for Government Development and The Future, said, “The Dubai Future Forum, which will convene more than 400 global experts and 45 international organisations, reflects the UAE’s efforts to strengthen global partnerships aimed at foreseeing the future. It will also identify the most pressing challenges and important opportunities that will impact societies tomorrow.”

“We are witnessing rapid change, particularly around the Fourth Industrial Revolution and advanced technology. If harnessed, they can help us to build a brighter future. But they first require appropriate ecosystems and frameworks in which to flourish. These systems will help to enhance world’s resilience and readiness for the future and encourage the continuous building of capabilities and skills to meet our needs in the coming decades and beyond,” she added.

Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Teleworking Applications, said, “Under its leadership, the UAE has established a comprehensive and clear strategy to design the future of various government, economic and social sectors. We have developed a leading model for foresight and shaped ideas that will help build a brighter future.”

“Dubai Future Forum is an annual platform for discussing future opportunities and challenges, identifying priorities, and enhancing collaboration between governments, the private sector and societies to keep pace with the rapidly evolving world around us,” he added.

Amy Webb, Chief Executive Officer at the Future Today Institute said, “CEOs, government leaders, policymakers and central banks are grappling with immense volatility and critical uncertainties. Their decisions today will determine the long-term fate of human civilisation. Strategic foresight has never been more urgent and more necessary. The world’s most eminent forecasters are gathering at the Dubai Future Forum to challenge leaders – and each other – to be more ambitious in meeting our emerging global challenges.”

“Dubai has established itself as a global hub for foresight and future-thinking. I’m excited to open the first Dubai Future Forum with a keynote about the value of strategic foresight within business, government and society – and how the field itself must evolve,” she said.

“We must not allow our futures to be constrained by the present. Business and government leaders need to confront their cherished beliefs, to seek out signals of change, understand their implications, as well as to plan for the best possible outcomes,” she added.

Angeliki Kapoglou, Strategy and Innovation Researcher, European Space Agency highlighted, “At COP26 it became clear that there is a clash between our climate ambitions and the energy reality. Annual clean energy investment worldwide will need to more than triple by 2030, to around $4 trillion.” She added that the challenge of decarbonising Europe’s energy sector over the coming few decades is a massive one.

Joshua Polchar, Strategic Foresight Lead at OECD said, “We come from different places but we’re all citizens of the future. Where we’re headed depends on dialogue. Shaping the future is a collaborative effort, which is why connecting across borders is so valuable.”

Jose Cordeiro, Vice Chair at Humanity Plus, said, “We are in the middle of a technological revolution that will soon achieve radical life extension and indefinite lifespans for all those interested. I believe that we are going to see more technological advances in the next 20 years than in the last 2000 years.”

“Major technology companies (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, etc.) are entering the biology, health and medicine sectors as the biggest business opportunity of the future. Aging is the common enemy of humanity; aging causes more deaths that all other causes combined. More and more people are beginning to study aging as a disease, but fortunately, a curable disease. Certainly, we know now that aging is a medical condition that is treatable, and apparently reversible,” he added.


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