Qantas asks executives to work as baggage handlers for three months


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Desperate times, it is said, call for desperate measures. Qantas has ordered 12 Airbus planes capable for services to the UK and the US’s major cities to meet surge in demand following easing of Covid curbs, but it seems to be at sea over tackling a shortage of workers.

In what may seem a controversial move, it has asked senior executives to pitch in and work as baggage handlers for three months as it tries to stem a paucity of workers.

The request, according to a news report, came in a memo issued by the airline’s COO, Colin Hughes, to staff.


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Search is on for at least 100 volunteers to work at Sydney and Melbourne airports.

The staff must be able to cart suitcases weighing 32kg.

Tasks include loading and unloading bags and driving vehicles to move baggage around airports.

The need to put executives on the job for months shows how acute the labour shortage is as the airline industry tries to recover from a pandemic-hit crisis. Australia’s national airline reportedly trimmed 8 per cent of scheduled domestic services in June.

The move may not go down well with the middle and senior level professionals. Yes, every job is noble, there is something called dignity of labour, but the senior level staffers may ignore this maxim when dealing with this sudden ‘downgrade’ of services.



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