Real estate investment platform offers advanced technology


VIRTU stand at the Cityscape Dubai.

Sajjad Ahmad, Deputy Business Editor

Dubai: VIRTU, the first real estate investment platform in the Middle East, participated in Cityscape Dubai 2022, the largest real estate exhibit involving commercial entities and major investors from 21 to 23 November at Dubai World Trade Centre.

The platform showcased its advanced technology during the event to real estate investors. The project was recently launched by Hebashi Holding Group in collaboration with OTI real-estate and obtained reliability from the Georgian-Arab-African Business Union in Georgia (GAABU).

Hani Habishi, Founder of the Habishi Holding Group, and founder of the Georgian-African Business Federation (GAABU), announced during the Cityscape Dubai that VIRTU will change the concept of real estate investment in the Middle East in cooperation with a number of strategic partners, including Fadux Group and Gulf Real Estate Group.

 He added that the Cityscape Dubai comes at a crucial time for real estate investment around the world, amid unprecedented economic challenges in terms of higher interest levels and higher inflation rates. Habishi pointed out that VIRTU’s investment was about $200 million and $23 million had been put forward so far in 11 projects. Stressing that VIRTU will be a pioneering real estate investment idea as VIRTU is the first partial real estate investment project that allows investors from around the world to buy real estate in different countries through partial or joint ownership and subsidised by the stock exchange, he said, adding that (GAABU) has given VIRTU full reliability, giving investors everywhere in the world confidence to invest their money in the platform.

 Habishi confirmed that VIRTU provided real estate investors with an opportunity to browse the project files available via the platform. Let them know all the details and the percentage of potential returns that investors earn through these properties, the investment section starts from $8,000 and the freedom to determine the amount they want to invest in each project s bank account link “, after reviewing all the terms entered into in the online contract and also paying the dues through the platform’s bank account link. This enabled VIRTU to allow investors to earn profits and achieve their net income from rent for sold units.

 For her part, Dr Sahar Al-Madani, Executive Director of Gulf Real Estate Group, said that participation in Cityscape Dubai comes in highlighting many views in support of the adoption of advanced technology in the real estate sector, as well as promoting attention to aspects of climate resilience and sustainability, and reimagining urban areas. The effectiveness agenda highlights the importance of the adoption of advanced technology, especially since its uses cover the various activities of the sector and this is what VIRTU’s platform offers. VIRTU is one of the best real estate projects for future investments in terms of equity purchase and investment diversification.

 Sahar added, “VIRTU offers investors the advantages of partial ownership in the project, noting that partial ownership provides an opportunity for small investors with limited capital an opportunity to engage in the experience of investing in and owning luxury real estate, and it is a low-risk investment, especially in times of crisis all information on management and maintenance costs, leasing procedures and investment value is clarified prior to purchase; In addition, partial ownership makes it easier for an investor to diversify their portfolio so that it can buy shares in more than one property, rather than fully own one.”

In the same vein, Engineer Ihab Habishi said that participation in the Cityscape Dubai Exhibition comes in the VIRTU Platform’s strategy of being at major exhibitions around the world. He added that the VIRTU platform offers in a few minutes, you can create an account and choose the contents of your portfolio with the right strategy for you, You can also pay the price of the shares you want to buy online By linking your bank account to the platform, then you can watch your money grow By applying the platform available on your mobile phone and in VIRTU you can find a wide range of investment opportunities tailored to your selected strategy, After you put in your first investment, we will continue to work hard to achieve your expected profit.

 In addition to working to maximize the value of these properties in the future This means that your capital will increase year after year. He noted that we have full confidence that you will love to diversify your investment portfolio with us because we have dozens of exceptional investment opportunities, once you’ve registered our first investment, you will like to repeat the experience through our app that can be downloaded on mobile phone, You will be able to view all the investment opportunities available, as well as see your profile, number of shares purchased, current profit ratio and other accurate things, We at VIRTU care to be familiar with all the details of your investments.


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