Sapaad Kiosk now in Saudi Arabia


Sapaad Kiosk in use.

Self-ordering kiosks have recently begun to appear in many fast food and casual chains around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic gave this new restaurant ordering technology a boost and is changing how independent restaurateurs think about them.

But what are they, exactly?

Self-ordering kiosks are customer-facing devices that allow guests to place orders and pay without cashier assistance. What’s more, customers love them!

Placing an order takes only a few minutes. Customers can browse food items on touchscreen digital menus, add to cart, and select their preferred payment and pick-up options.

Why Should You Invest in Sapaad Self-Ordering Kiosks?

Here are five reasons why Sapaad Kiosk, a self-ordering kiosk solution for restaurants,  guarantees a seamless ordering experience.

·  Beautiful Self-Ordering Experience

Sapaad Kiosk makes ordering convenient and easy. It helps reduce customer lines while increasing customer throughput and service speed. Let your restaurant team focus on sales and improving overall customer experience.  

·  Easy and Secure Payments

Sapaad is partnered with leading payment terminals like Stripe, Geidea, and Epay. Give customers the option for secure card payment at the kiosk or cash payment at the counter.

·   Automate and Monitor Your Operations

Orders placed via Sapaad Kiosk are instantly sent to Sapaad’s Kitchen Display System (KDS) and Token Screen. Sync Sapaad Kiosk with Sapaad’s Inventory and Dashboard modules to ensure your business analytics and stock levels are always up to date.

·   Maximize Revenue with Strategic Marketing

Increase average customer check size with upsells, upgrades, and add-ons. You can also drive extra sales with clickable banner ads that go straight to targeted menu items, and display eye-catching offers and promos when the kiosk device is idle.

·  State of art design

Sapaad Kiosk offers best-in-class usability and sleek, stunning design. It comes with a 12.9″ iPad for iOS and is compatible with screen sizes of up to 32″ for Android devices.

Get Sapaad Kiosk and link to Sapaad’s all-in-one cloud-based Restaurant POS to achieve your
business goals! Sapaad’s Cloud Restaurant POS offers monthly or yearly subscription packages and is officially compliant with
ZATCA’s newly implemented Fatoorah/E-Invoicing Guidelines.


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