Start-up guide for funding launched


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Inayat-ur-Rahman, Business Editor

Dash Venture Labs has launched a “Start-up guide for Funding”, which aims to empower founders with the various funding avenues available in today’s changing business ecosystem.

The objective is to understand the stages of startup cycle and types of funding available, including governments grants and similar offerings from other financial institutions.

The guide, which is developed in collaboration with Ascent Partners, has been primarily divided into three key sections: 1) Why do startups require funding? 2) Stages of funding, and 3) Types of funding for each stage.

Each section is designed to provide a deeper understanding of the subject, especially for the founders and entrepreneurs to understand the reasons and stages of funding.

Furthermore, liquidity does not seem to be a problem for founders today, but they should understand the importance of each round of funding and modern structures designed around each capital raising activity. More importantly, how these will impact their shareholding structure and future fund-raising activity.

Shailesh Dash, Founder of Dash Venture Labs, said: “Startups have become an important engine for growth across the region, hence, we wanted to launch a guide for them to understand the funding ecosystem. More importantly, the objective is to describe the various avenues available across the region and how they can capitalize on them to fund their ideas or scale their existing business ventures.”

First section of the guide focuses on the importance for founders to understand the reason for raising funds from various avenues available in the market today.

Second section of the guide, which emphasizes on the stages of funding within the startup ecosystem. Given that there are multiple sources of funding available, it is important for that the source of funding typically matches the stages of operations of the startups.


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