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Sarah Al Amiri tours the pavilions of Micronesia and Lesotho at Expo 2020 on Friday.

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Enoc Group, the Official Integrated Energy Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, on Friday announced it received more than 100,000 visitors at its state-of-the-art pavilion in line with its theme to ‘Reimagine Energy’ since October 1, 2021.

As a strategic platform facilitating business collaborations and engaging stakeholders in finding answers to the industry’s most pressing issues, Enoc’s pavilion also received a total of 60 international delegations since Expo 2020 Dubai opened including six delegations from the US, Austria and Egypt in the month of January alone. Earlier this month, a delegation from the Ministry of Energy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was received at the pavilion.

Aligned with its plans to inspire every visitor, irrespective of age, Enoc Group hosted over 954 students from 49 schools in the UAE since the beginning of Expo 2020 Dubai, to help educate the next generation on the future of energy.

Enoc Group also unveiled the world’s first LEED platinum certified Service Station of the Future at the Expo 2020 site, which is currently supporting the logistical needs of the world’s greatest show.

The Service Station of the Future was recently recognised by IdeasUK, where it was awarded the Corporate Social Responsibility Award for its innovatively designed Service Station of the Future, and the Customer Focus Award for its eLink Station at the 2021 Idea of the Year Awards.

Open to the public from 10AM to 10PM during the Expo 2020 Dubai period, Enoc’s 2,060 sqm pavilion draws on the design of oil storage tanks with five distinct structures, including four ‘houses’ taking visitors on a 15-minute multi-sensory journey through four narratives: Discovery – what energy is; Harness – what energy enables; Connect – what energy needs; and Reimagine – what energy promises.

Enoc Group (Emirates National Oil Company) is a leading integrated oil and gas player operating across the energy sector value chain.

As a wholly owned entity of the Government of Dubai, and integral to the Emirate’s success, ENOC owns and operates assets in the fields of exploration & production, supply & operations, terminals, fuel retail, aviation fuel and petroleum products for commercial & industrial use.

The Group’s general business operations includes automotive services, non-fuel F&B retail and fabrication services. Servicing thousands of customers in over 60 markets, the Group employs a multi-national workforce of over 11,000 employees and is deploying its world-class customer service, latest innovations and technologies and best practices to empower the UAE’s social and economic development.

Sarah Bint Yousif Al Amiri, Minister of State for Advanced Technology, has visited the pavilions of the Federated States of Micronesia and the Kingdom of Lesotho at Expo 2020 Dubai, the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

During the tours, she reviewed investment opportunities in the two nations, which include several in the fields of technology, renewable energy, transport, and tourism.

Lesotho’s pavilion is located in the Sustainability District and its exhibits narrate the Kingdom’s first 50 years since independence. Al Amiri explored Lesotho’s efforts in technology and digital development and was briefed on its endeavors in energy, water and sustainability as it tries to attract investors to support its progress in a number of promising sectors.

She also learned of the Kingdom’s efforts to instill a culture of sustainability, which will help conserve natural resources and strike a balance between development and environmental preservation.

The pavilion showcases the growing threat to the natural ecosystem posed by climate change, as well as how the country utilizes investments in climate-smart agriculture to enhance the capacity of agricultural systems in support of food security and food diversity.

Al Amiri then visited Micronesia’s pavilion, which highlights the country’s investment opportunities in tourism, renewable energy, financing, fishing, transport and maritime industries, as well as its sustainable handicrafts.

She was briefed on the diligent efforts of the nation’s energy sector and the national campaign to increase renewable energy production to surpass energy consumption.

She also reviewed investment opportunities in aquaculture products, such as black pearls, sponges, aquarium fish and others.

Sarah Al Amiri was also briefed on investment opportunities in agricultural products, as well as in the manufacture of sustainable products and specialized agricultural products. In addition, she reviewed investment opportunities in sustainable materials for making hand-woven fibers that are used in Micronesia’s traditional crafts, and the manufacture of canoes using fruit, mamba, mangroves, and bamboo woods.

Mauritius Pavilion: The Mauritius Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai has recorded more than 250,000 visitors since the start of the season and is expected to reach its ambitious target of 400,000 visitors by the time the global event finishes.

Visitors to the pavilion have had the unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of everything the charming Indian Ocean island has to offer including its exquisite landscape, rich culture and history, and its progressive and futuristic economy, which is driving its well-deserved reputation as a growing investment hub.

The pavilion has also recently launched a retail outlet on the premises making authentic Mauritian delicacies accessible to UAE residents and tourists. Products available at the store include Mauritian vanilla pods, herbal teas and moringa infusions, fruit jams and pastes, banana chips, natural honey, and unique marine models.

The store was established to further enhance the visitor experience, providing a more comprehensive Mauritian journey, while contributing to the achievement of the target visitor number.

 Ken Poonoosamy, Commissioner General for Mauritius Pavilion in Expo 2020 Dubai and Chief Executive Officer, Economic Development Board of Mauritius, said: “Our presence at Expo 2020 has been very encouraging. Throughout the event, we have witnessed a strong appetite for both tourism and investment in our resourceful island. Having reached 250,000 visitors to date, and with a line-up of exciting activities planned for the coming weeks, we are confident in our ability to reach our target of 400,000 visitors experiencing what Mauritius has to offer to the UAE and the wider Middle East region”.

The Mauritius Pavilion at Expo 2020 offers visitors a unique interactive experience, divided into four key spaces. On display is the island’s abundant natural beauty, its biodiversity, the rich heritage and culture of the country, and the wide range of investment opportunities available across key sectors. The newly opened shop inside the pavilion is also attracting visitors looking to take home a piece of the island paradise.

An array of activities is in the pipeline set to drive further traffic to the Pavilion, including the Mauritian National Day on 15 March and Thematic Water Week from 20-26 March.

The Mauritius Pavilion is located in the Opportunity District of Expo 2020 Dubai, close to the Al Wasl Plaza.

The pavilion takes visitors on an interactive journey of the tropical paradise island of Mauritius. The design features floor projections and a textured seascape wall and forest, allowing the visitors to explore the splendid nature of Mauritius. The predominant colour of the pavilion is warm, bright, and inviting, reflecting Mauritian hospitality.

The Mauritius Pavilion also invites visitors to discover the country’s achievements and how they are intertwined with its past — “The Roots of the Future”. Visitors will also explore Mauritius’ role in linking the world to Africa.


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