TRSDC highlights its mega project


Jay Rosen speaks at Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 18th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Riyadh.

Staff Reporter, Gulf Today

The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) has highlighted its ambitious regenerative tourism project, The Red Sea, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The team takes the stage at Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 18th Global Family Office Investment Summit, in the presence of Prince Abdulaziz Bin Faisal Bin Abdulmajeed Al Saud. Leading the delegation is Chief Financial Officer Jay Rosen as VIP Speaker.

Sir Anthony’s esteemed two-day event brings together 400+ world leaders who share similar values regarding the importance of tailoring solutions to the world’s greatest challenges and making an impact through investment, positive action, and personal commitment.

Royal families, global business leaders, Sheikhs, leading entrepreneurs, and private investors are among the guests at the event. Previous Summits have raised $2.8 billion in investments for leading global start-ups, entrepreneurs, funds, and philanthropic endeavours.

The Fireside Chat, entitled “The Red Sea Opportunity,” will address the projects that TRSDC now has under development and progress to date, including upcoming milestones and partnership opportunities. As the developer behind one of the world’s most ambitious regenerative tourism destinations, TRSDC is preserving the nation’s precious cultural and environmental heritage, creating investment opportunities for the private sector, and developing the Kingdom’s tourism industry in exciting new ways.

TRSDC will also host a workshop entitled “Attracting International Investment to the Kingdom,” to engage in conversation directly with those interested in discussing opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

“With great anticipation, we are thrilled to roll out the red carpet for Jay Rosen, CFO of The Red Sea Development Company and AMAALA. The company is setting new standards for sustainability while serving as a true force for change via its innovation and commitment,” said Sir Anthony Ritossa, Chairman of Ritossa Family Office.


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