UAE’s role to build bridges discussed


Dr Anwar Gargash with other panellists at the World Government Summit in Dubai on Tuesday.

Inayat-ur-Rahman, Business Editor

The UAE’s main role in building bridges and creating an agenda for stability and prosperity in this rapidly changing world,  Dr Anwar Bin Mohammed Gargash, Diplomatic Advisor to the UAE President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, said on Tuesday.

Gargash told the World Government Summit (WGS2022): “We need to turn the page in our history and reach out to friends and adversaries by rebuilding bridges for everyone.

He went on to warn that it was time for the region to “prioritise its own politics” to address security concerns, climate change, food security, equality, and economic integration to become a “major player in a multi-polarity world”.

Speaking on the same panel, titled ‘Are We Ready for A New World Order?’, Frederick Kempe, President and CEO of the Atlantic Council, said, we are at an inflection point in history extremely significant in more than 100 years, as the world is on the verge of proceeding into two directions, he added that could mean that countries will come together for the most prosperous, promising, modern era the world has ever faced by embracing scientific, technological, and diplomatic advances.

For his part, Dr. George Friedman, Founder and Chairman of Geopolitical Futures, agreed that we face a turning point in global affairs. “Recent events will irrevocably reshape the world order and have already started to shift geopolitical alliances around the world,” he said. “We have to be at peace with where we are and where we aspire to be.”

Economist and former US Presidential Advisor Dr. Pippa Malmgren urged world leaders to accept challenges and create solutions, she said, “We have been competing at space and under the oceans for the last four years.” Adding that world leaders could choose a better path: “I see a future where we have ubiquity, not exclusivity. This means decentralisation of power structures is taking place around the world – in politics, in finance, in industry.”


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