Unitey Digital Holding announces strategic partnership with Discover® Global Network and Hard Yaka Inc


Unitey Digital Holding.

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Unitey Digital Holdings is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Discover® Financial Services, which operates Discover® Global Network, and Hard Yaka Inc. to build Mercury Payments Services into a regional financial services powerhouse.

Mercury Payments Services was acquired by Unitey Digital in January 2022 to democratize financial services for a large unaddressed market in UAE.

As UAE’s first domestic payment scheme, Mercury products and solutions facilitate domestic and cross-border payment services for banks, money transfer service providers and businesses via its payment network and switch.

“Mercury is on a mission to bring financial services to a large unaddressed market in UAE by providing unique product and services to its customers and partners. The global acceptance footprint and technology from Discover Global Network and Hard Yaka’s impressive portfolio in financial services, Digital ID, and blockchain technologies will go a long way in strengthening Mercury’s position in the eco system. We are proud to have Discover Global Network and Hard Yaka on board as our partners in this mission,” said Muzaffar Khokhar, Founder, Unitey Digital Holdings.

“Our partnership with Unitey Digital Holdings reinforces our strategy of helping networks grow, which ultimately provides better experiences for cardholders by increasing acceptance and providing them even more places where they can use their cards to transact,” said Matt Sloan, vice president of International Markets at Discover Global Network.

“We’re Thrilled to be investing alongside Discover Financial Services to help Unitey expand its payments mission,” said Greg Kidd, co-founder of Hard Yaka. “This strategic partnership aligns with Hard Yaka’s vision for building a more inclusive future, while also affirming our commitment to the region.”


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