American Hospital Dubai earns accreditation for 1st Robotic Surgery Centre of Excellence outside the US


This photo shows the The Surgical Review Corporation’s accreditation for American Hospital Dubai.

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American Hospital Dubai’s Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery (COERS) earns accreditation by the US-based Surgical Review Corporation. The hospital is the first private healthcare entity outside the US to gain this recognition.

The Surgical Review Corporation (SRC), established in 2003, and based in North Carolina, US, is a nonprofit organisation promoting patient safety through accreditation programs for medical professionals, surgeons, hospitals, and independent outpatient facilities globally.

American Hospital Dubai has set benchmarks in minimally invasive robotic surgery, with its first multispecialty robotic programme in Dubai using the latest technology and platforms. It has performed almost 1,000 robotic surgeries since it started the program in 2020 at the pandemic’s peak.

The recognition iterates American Hospital Dubai’s commitment to providing the highest and most advanced quality of robotic medical care in the UAE and the region, focusing on patient safety and outcome as its mission, vision, and culture.


The SRC’s accreditation process is a rigorous six-step program that includes site inspections, evaluations and a thorough review of data and medical charts to assess a facility’s surgical processes, patient safety records, performance quality, and health outcomes.

Dr Hatem Moussa, Chief of Robotic Surgery Centre of Excellence, American Hospital Dubai, said, “We are proud to earn this accreditation from SRC, which reaffirms our adherence to international standards in robotic surgery. It is evidence of our world-class surgeons’ ability to perform complicated and skilled surgeries with successful outcomes.

“The accreditation required a lot of work over two years, with regular committee meetings, research, and the number of cases yearly (more than 150) in our multispecialty program to meet the standards of SRC,” he said.

“We could not have achieved this recognition without the administration’s support, which is integral to our journey of success,” Dr Moussa added.

Sherif Beshara, CEO of American Hospital Dubai, welcoming the recognition, said, “The SRC accreditation is a proud moment for American Hospital Dubai’s Robotic Surgery Centre of Excellence and another milestone for the hospital.

“We are committed to improving the healthcare system’s quality and enhancing patient outcomes, and we will continue to set benchmarks in the robotic surgery era.”


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