Dr Ahmad Moukalled now serves as the National Ambassador for IBSA Derma


Dr Ahmad Moukalled wins many plaudits, and accolades for his work.

Dr Ahmad Moukalled has been gaining tremendous momentum across the aesthetic industry.

The aesthetic industry by far has been one of the most fascinating industries across diverse sectors. Within this niche, the cosmetic and plastic surgery specialty has grown in double digits over the past couple of decades. With many patients now through many awareness programs understand the benefits of cosmetic and other surgical procedures, there has been a rise in number of these surgeries. We came across one astute surgeon and professional, helping thousands of people reach their desired results and deliver sheer excellence in his work, Dr. Ahmad Moukalled.

Having won many plaudits, and accolades for his work ethics, results, and professionalism, Dr. Ahmad Moukalled has become the national ambassador for IBSA Derma and a certified national trainer in the UAE. His work in super niche segment of full face filler transformation and touch in Profhilo for the face and neck lifting has seen humongous positives among the patients. His work is not only appreciated by the patients but also recognized by many industry peers as well. Currently Dr. Ahmad Moukalled is working on an international research with IBSA Derma to evaluate the effect of Profhilo Body on butt lift in combination with butt fillers. Becoming the national ambassador for IBSA Derma is a proud moment for Dr. Ahmad Moukalled who has vouched to take aesthetic medicine to greater heights in future. 

IBSA Derma is known for Profhilo, face, and body and with his full face filler transformations, he has taken multiple steps forward in the aesthetics world. His passion for innovations and creating transformations in the sector, especially with IBSA Derma has made him a more respected aesthetics doctor in the industry.

Taking giant strides across the medical aesthetics industry, Dr. Ahmad Moukalled has already achieved a lot and is among many renowned surgeons across names the industry. His practice across places like Egypt, Beirut, Dubai, and other parts of UAE has propelled him forward to become one of the most sought-after professionals. He caters to widespread patients across the globe helping them with an amazing feature and appearance that they desire. Dr. Ahmad Moukalled is also very active on Instagram where he keeps posting useful insights for his patient thereby creating a huge fan following and patient database. Dr. Ahmad Moukalled not only has helped patients get their desired physique and figures but has also helped motivate them and regain their lost confidence. With his sheer passion and interest in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery, Dr. Ahmad Moukalled is now well known throughout the region for his esteemed work practices and delivering fascinating results.

Graduated from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, Dr. Ahmad is a part of the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine. All of his work with safe fillers and techniques has helped patients instill a great level of confidence with an enhanced and beautiful look.

For more details, do follow him on Instagram @ drahmadmoukalled.





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