Elyzee to build a largest Boutique Speciality Hospital in UAE

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Elyzee healthcare facility, a part of safari Holding consists of a group of experienced plastic surgeons & cosmetics doctors who made it their mission to provide the patients with the best most comfortable and safe healthcare experience ever.

Elyzee Healthcare, a multi-specialty surgical institution with over 10 different specialties such as aesthetic, cosmetic, dentistry, and surgical procedures, among many others, is launching a Boutique Specialty hospital in the United Arab Emirates.

The Elyzee multispecialty surgical facility, consisting of a group of experienced surgeons who aims to provide their patients with the most comfortable and safe healthcare experience ever.

Elyzee specializes in the most advanced surgery procedures like Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, tummy tuck. We also specialize in Rhinoplasty, Dermatology, Gynecology, Dentistry, Laser treatment, Skin care, Hair care, Slimming treatments, Diet & nutrition, General surgery etc.
As we expand our chain of specialized hospitals, a Post-burn reconstructive Unit will be added to our dynamic setup.

Dr. Nahla Al Mansouri, an Emirati woman consultant plastic surgeon, will oversee and carry out the Microscopic Lymphatic Surgery, which will be one of Elyzee Boutique specialty Hospital main departments, and will help and improve the lives of many patients, particularly those with Breast Cancer. They will also provide lymphedema services.

Additionally, a post-burn reconstructive treatment facility will be constructed to handle cases requiring skin grafts, stem cell therapy, plastic surgery, and other post-burn treatments.

We are also pleased to announce the opening of our Medical Dermatology Department, which will be the nation’s first facility for the detection of skin cancer. This department is associated with a renowned French institute and will be managed by a French plastic surgeon who collaborates with our institution.

Elyzee utilizes the most innovative, and minimally invasive procedures to provide you with the finest results possible and make you look and feel your absolute best.

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