Human-size robot patient with a stroke and brain injury developed to train students


Medical students treat life-size robot HAL S5301.

Gulf Today Report

An American company “Gaumard Scientific” designed the life-size robot “HAL S5301” with a stroke and other brain injuries in a simulation of a real patient to train medical students, and to be a substitute for actors and patients in displaying symptoms of certain conditions.

It is considered the first robot in the world with a stroke.

The company said “the robot is able to engage in a two-way conversational speech with students, and can verbally respond to their inquiries, not only by describing the symptoms, but also through speaking in a manner similar to that of an individual with a brain injury, using algorithms based on artificial intelligence.”

The company stressed that with time, the invention will get smarter, and conversation skills will be honing with each use.

The company said they designed the robot to have head, arm and hand movements similar to the reactions of someone who suffers a stroke or other brain injury.

The robot’s body has cardio-respiratory and vascular characteristics which are consistent with those of a real-life brain injury patient, and can be measured and monitored using standard diagnostic equipment, plus it will respond to the use of equipment such as pacemakers and ventilators.


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