Indian food influencer’s digestive mocktail recipe mocked online


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Social media users have had a field day on an Indian food influencer’s viral Instagram recipe for a mocktail using Hajmola candy – a tangy, digestive tablet that is widely popular in the country.

Nicko Demu recently uploaded a video recipe for a “Hajmola mocktail” for which he crushed about 10-15 digestive tablets and mixed them with ingredients such as mint, sugar, ice and soda.

Humans can safely consume one or two tablets of Hajmola every day after a meal, according to e-pharma company PharmEasy.

One Hajmola tablet contains “a unique blend of Indian herbs, spices and edible salts that helps with your digestion when taken after a meal”, according to a description of the product by PharmEasy.

“These tablets can be very useful in cases of indigestion, loss of appetite and flatulence.”


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Many social media users commented on Demu’s video to say so many Hajmola tablets could cause “severe damage to your stomach”.

“Bro, drinking this means declaring a nuclear war in my stomach,” one person wrote.

“Bro wanna digest his whole intestine,” joked another user.

“Loose motions entered the chat,” said yet another comment.

“The amount of s*** he’ll feel incoming will be equal to releasing fountains,” said one comment in the Hindi language.

“Get ready for tomorrow morning,” said another user, who added fire and peach emojis.

“He is testing nuclear bomb in his home,” read another comment.

In India, many families consume Hajmola for indigestion, intestinal gas, dyspepsia, high blood pressure, constipation, bowel spasms, morning sickness, alcohol abuse, digestive aid and other conditions.

On the off chance that a person consumes too much Hajmola, they’ll burn through an excess of salt – terrible for a human’s well being.

“Don’t exceed the recommended dosage,” state the safety instructions on a Hajmola bottle.

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