Ireland Baldwin reveals how her anxiety attack was triggered by coffee


Ireland Baldwin poses for a photograph.

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Ireland Baldwin has spoken candidly about her mental health and how coffee impacted her recent anxiety attack.

The 26-year-old daughter of former couple Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger discussed her anxiety attack and how having a cup of coffee on an “empty stomach” triggered it in a recent Instagram post.

“It’s anxiety attack time,” she wrote in the caption. “This morning I had one cup of coffee on an empty stomach which turned into an anxiety attack! I am currently writing this from the bathroom floor. I usually sit here like this or lay in [a] foetal position until I can’t cry or throw up anymore.”

“Coffee is [a] major esophageal irritator and reflux trigger for me which leads to anxiety. If you are an anxiety sufferer like myself, coffee isn’t your friend,” she added.


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Regarding why she drank the beverage in the first place, the model admitted that it was because she’s “a silly goose.” She then encouraged her followers to open about both their mental health and experiences with coffee, as well.

“Writing this and being open with y’all about my struggles helps it pass,” she wrote.  “If coffee makes you s*** your pants and makes you experience this, please share below!”

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This isn’t the first time Baldwin has opened up about her anxiety. In January, she revealed that she has cardiophobia, causing her to “live in constant fear” of “dying from a heart attack.”

In a post on Instagram, she shared a photo of herself holding her blood pressure machine, used for managing her cardiophobia.

“I am posting this for whoever suffers with anxiety and anxiety disorders like I do,” she wrote. “I ordered a blood pressure monitor to accurately read my heart rate and blood pressure because I live in a constant fear that I’m dying from a heart attack… also known as cardiophobia.”

Baldwin also explained some of her symptoms of anxiety, including “chest pain” and “heart palpitations,” which ultimately encouraged her to seek out medical attention, according to the Independent. 

And while she’s worked with “anxiety specialists” and “gotten into breath work,” nothing has brought her more comfort than her blood pressure machine. She then spoke to people who also have anxiety and expressed how they were “not alone.”

“I know it may seem silly to you, but this little machine has brought me the utmost comfort,” she wrote. “I just want anyone who suffers from their own anxieties to know that I am here and you are not alone. It can be so embarrassing and isolating at times.”

“Hold on to your comfort item right,” she added. “Don’t let people make you feel guilty for having to take a walk or take some space or stay home because you’re not feeling good.”

As noted in a study published in “Behaviour Research” and Therapy, cardiophobia consists of “repeated complaints of chest pain, heart palpitations, and other somatic sensations,” along with the fear of “having a heart attack and dying.


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