Lebanese fashionista Lina Al-Hani dies in horrific car accident in Kuwait


Gulf Today Report

The Lebanese fashionista Lina Al-Hani died after a horrific traffic accident in Kuwait on Thursday.

Lina’s death shocked users of social networking sites.

According to reports, Lina was involved in a collision while driving her car on a highway in Kuwait City. Ambulances rushed to the site to rescue her, but she died.

Lina, 34, was famous for being a model and running a cosmetics store; she is followed by a large number of people on social media.

Lina’s death caused grief among the pioneers of social networking sites, especially as she had published hours before her departure a picture of her from the last event she was attending.

Leah and Lamita Kanso, the daughters of Lina, mourned their mother’s death. Lamita, the youngest daughter, published photos that she had with her mother, through her account on Instagram and commented on her with the phrase “Rest in peace, mother.”

Leah, the eldest daughter, also posted pictures of her, commenting: “Let me tell you all about the angel who flew to heaven, Mama, I hope I can text you one last time, and tell you that you should be proud of yourself.”

The late fashionista was born in Kuwait, but she holds Lebanese citizenship, and is the sister of the artist Sarah Al-Hani.


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