Video of an all-decked up bride doing pushups goes viral, netizens praise her love for fitness


A combo image shows the bride doing pushups and showing her biceps at a salon.

Gulf Today Report

Staying fit is the mantra of Gen Next today and they are ready to go to any length for a slim figure. Fitness centres and gyms equipped with all the latest fitness gadgets are cropping up at every nook and corner across the globe.

There is no denying fact that staying in good shape is one of the topmost priorites for today’s men and women alike.

However, doing workout during some special occasion like on one’s wedding day is not at all advisable.

But a bride from India, throwing all such advises out of her window, has done the unthinkable.

The all-decked up bride not only does the push-ups at a salon but also shows her biceps.

The video of the ‘fitness freak’ bride has gone viral and the 12-second video has garnered over 1,600 views within a couple of hours of being shared.

It seems that the bride wanted send a message to her future husband that messing with her could have serious repercussion.

The video was shared  by one Dinesh Akula with a caption “Fitness with a difference. A bride doing push-ups with (sic) lehenga and jewellery.”


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