100-year-old Saudi woman daily cleans photo of her son who died 30 years ago, netizens touched


Umm Yahya.

Gulf Today Report

A video clip of a 100-year-old Saudi woman who keeps a picture of her deceased son 30 years ago on the wall of her house has gone viral on social media.

Umm Yahya, from the village of Zabna in the Asir region, said in the clip: “Praise be to Allah for what He has given… and I am satisfied with what Allah has given me.”

And she answered, with moving words, to her interlocutor in the video when he asked her about the picture: “The picture is my son’s right. May God make him go to heaven. He was a soldier in Hafr Al Batin.”

Umm Yahya recounted how she kept the picture of her only son hanging on the wall: “I wipe it with a clean cloth every day. You see it as an image, but it is here in my heart, its image is in my heart.”


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