11-year-old daughter passes away 5 hours after father’s death in Saudi Arabia


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Gulf Today Report

A Saudi family was subjected to a painful incident in Al-Majardah Governorate in the Asir region, where the father died after suffering from long time illness, hours later his 11-year-old daughter, Hala, passed away too.

The girl’s uncle recounted the details of the child’s psychological state after the announcement of her father’s death.

He said that she went into a state of shock after hearing the news of the death, and her heart stopped twice.

The doctors resurrected her, but she died 5 hours after the father’s death, according to Saudi media.

Doctors performed the necessary first aid for her, confirming that she had a sudden heart failure, and she fell into a coma.

She was about to be shifted to the intensive care unit, but she died on her way, according to media.

The girl’s uncle said that his deceased brother was very close to his daughter Hala, and she loved her father, especially since her mother was died some time back.

The only time they separated when she was going to school.

He recounted more details of the relationship between Hala and her father, as he confirmed that she was accompanying her father in the hospital, and refused to leave him despite attempts to prevent her, and did not leave him until her father entered the intensive care room.

The Hala’s uncle said that they were shocked when they were preparing his brother’s burial papers, and the news of Hala’s death came in.

We all went into shock after hearing the news.

Activists on social networking sites in Saudi Arabia sympathized with family, sending condolences to the young man’s family after they passed away together.


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