21-year-old girl’s throat slit by friend after she refused to marry him


A combo image of Naiyera Ashraf at Mansoura University in Egypt.

Mahmoud Ads, Gulf Today

In a heinous crime, a university student, Naiyera Ashraf’s throat was slit open, in front of the university gate in Egypt, by her colleague, M.A, 21, after she refused to marry him.

Naiyera was 21.

The horrific scene took place at the gate of Mansoura University, Egypt, on Monday afternoon, when Naiyera was murdered in front of the university after her colleague slaughtered with a knife.

The culprit was caught at the crime scene.

Passersby were able to catch the culprit and handed him over to the police.

Through the preliminary investigation, the security teams in Al Mansoura city learnt that the victim was a third-year student in the Faculty of Arts, Mansoura University, and the killer was a student of the same division at the university.

Eyewitnesses explained that the accused used to harass and chase the victim and that he proposed to her but she rejected him.

The police arrive at the crime scene.

In addition, she blocked him on all her social media accounts.

They also noted that the accused beat the victim up until she fell to the ground, as her head crashed to the sidewalk then slaughtered her neck, before the university guards held him.

They also added that it was not the first time for the accused to chase after the girl, as he opposed and chased her several times before, but she reprimanded him and rejected him until he committed his crime and tried to disfigure his face after the crime.


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