4 smartly dressed thieves raid Dutch art fair, scoot away with jewellery


A videograb shows the robbery at the European Fine Art Gallery in Maastricht.

Gulf Today Report

In broad daylight, armed men robbed an art gallery in the Dutch city of Maastricht, considered one of the largest in Europe, police said, while a video clip showed men smashing a display cabinet with a sledgehammer.

Limburg police announced on Twitter that they were investigating an armed robbery at the European Fine Art Gallery in Maastricht.

“It is believed that four suspects are involved,” the police added.

Several units are now searching for them.” The police later reported that they had arrested two people and closed a number of nearby roads.

Dutch media reported that the display cabinet, which the thieves broke into, contained pieces made by a London jeweller.

An exciting video clip on social networks showed 4 men in elegant clothes, flat hats and glasses smashing a cabinet to display jewellery at the exhibition.

Two men brandished what appeared to be weapons in front of a person who tried to intervene using a large glass vase filled with flowers.

The European Fine Arts Fair is one of the largest in Europe and regularly attracts tens of thousands of visitors.


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