6 important measures you should know to avoid car fires in summer


Picture used for illustrative purpose.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Ajman Civil Defence published guidelines entitled: “Safety in the summer,” six measures to avoid car fires, as well as seven things that may expose the car to fire if kept inside the car with high summer heat.

Avoidance measures include:

— Daily monitoring of engine oil cooling level.

— Regular maintenance

— Abstaining from smoking

— Stopping the engine when refueling the vehicle

— Closing the fuel tank cap tightly to prevent leakage

—  Keeping a fire extinguisher and trained to use it

— Keeping a first aid bag and and trained to use it

The seven things that might expose the car to fire if kept were:

— Inflammable gas bottles

— Cigarette lighters,

— Portable charger

— Phone battery

— Electric scooter

— Electronic cigarette

— Hand sanitizer spray bottle

— Perfume spray bottle

The Ajman Civil Defense stated that the rate of car fire accidents in the summer has increased in recent years, and that it results in human and material losses.

The authorities called on motorists to take safety and security measures to avoid such accidents.

The authorities explained that the causes of car fires are the failure to perform electrical and mechanical maintenance of the vehicle, the high engine temperature, and the leaving of flammable materials in the vehicle, stressing the need to maintain the air conditioners periodically.


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