82-year-old Emirati walks 10-12km daily, beats cancer and diabetes


Salem Mohammed Al Kaabi.

Hessa Saif, Staff Reporter

An Emirati in his eighties, Salem Mohammed Al Kaabi, a resident of Wadi Al Qor, a mountainous area of Ras Al Khaimah, defeated cancer and managed to tame diabetes by walking, drinking water and taking regular meals.

“I walk 10 to 12 kilometers a day, after the Tahajjud prayer and continue walking till after the Fajr prayer,” Al Kaabi, 82, said.

“I also walk in the afternoon for about an hour when I go to the farm and come home before the Maghrib prayer. During the past years, I had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and underwent an operation to remove it,” he added.

“I have a normal blood sugar because I have been in the habit of walking for a long time now. I have not changed my habits since the eighties of last century, and my weight is currently 49 kilograms,” he said.

“I take regular meals, each on time and I keep drinking water. I advise young men and women to practise walking, drink water and have regular meals, no matter if they are healthy or sick. Walking, coupled with drinking water and taking regular meals, prevents you from falling sick and reduces the impact of diseases on the body, Al Kaabi added.


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