Abu Dhabi man seeks half a million dirhams from ex-wife after she files two lawsuits against him


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Aya El Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Court for Family and Civil and Administrative Cases rejected a lawsuit of a man, who demanded his ex-wife to pay him half a million dirhams in compensation for the material and moral damages he sustained, after she filed two malicious lawsuits against him.

The court affirmed that resorting to the judiciary is a right guaranteed by the constitution and the law for all, and that the papers of the two cases were devoid of any evidence that she filed cases with intention to damage his reputation.

Details date back to an earlier time when the man filed a lawsuit demanding that his ex-wife pay compensation of half a million dirhams, for the material and moral damages he sustained, and legal interest of 5% from the date of filing the lawsuit, besides fees and expenses.

The husband indicated that the ex wife filed two malicious lawsuits against him before the Personal Status Courts in Abu Dhabi, without legal justification, which caused him material and moral damages.

He attached with his lawsuit two court rulings, a second revocable divorce certificate, and bank transfers with legal translation.

The woman’s lawyer demanded that the case be rejected due to the expiry of the decision issued by the Conciliation and Reconciliation Committee, with the passage of six months, and for lack of validity and evidence.

The court rejected the case and obligated the plaintiff to pay fees and expenses, affirming that the defendant used her legitimate right guaranteed by law when she resorted to the judiciary without bad faith.


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