Adorable video shows toddler lending shoulder to sleepy friend in Chinese nursery


A videograb shows the boy sleeping on his friend’s shoulder.

Gulf Today Report

An adorable video of a toddler lending his shoulder to a sleepy friend in a Chinese nursery has been doing the rounds on all social media platforms across the globe.

The viral video shows a group of toddlers playing at a nursery. But one of them seemed tired and is precariously falling asleep while sitting on a bench.  

One of his friends seated next to him realises this scenario and pulls him closer. He then lends his shoulder to the sleepy friend.

The super cute gesture, for sure, will melt your heart.

It is the innocence of the children that touches the emotions of people.

The purity of their hearts is reflected in their gestures.  

However, experts highlighted that this behaviour of children is unhealthy and urged parents to look into the issue.

Pediatricians said that parents must formulate a regular bedtime routine so the child remains active throughout the day.

Such understanding is important.

Perhaps no child is born willing to sleep obediently, but with your acceptance and understanding, plus some little tricks, they can sleep peacefully every day.

The important key to this is to establish a unique set of bedtime routines.

There is no age limit, and one can start it from an early age as this will the child throughout their life.

Pediatricians also said that parents should set up nutritious meal plans for their children as this will help them achieve proper mental and physical development.


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