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Al Ain Court orders man to pay Dhs600,000 fine for reckless driving

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Emaduddin Khalil, Staff Reporter

The Al Ain Appellate Court obligated a person to pay Dhs600,000 to another, on charges of compromising the integrity of the victim’s body due to negligence, carelessness, lack of caution and not leaving sufficient distance between the vehicle he was driving and the vehicle of the victim, which resulted in the accident, and the injury of the victim and a disability of 60% of his total capacity.

Details date back to an earlier time when a person filed a lawsuit against another, demanding that he be obligated to pay him Dhs1 million in compensation and a delayed interest of 12% due to an accident caused by the vehicle the appellee was driving, which resulted in him suffering body damage and inability to work.

The appellee was convicted under penal judgment.

The appellant then filed a lawsuit for the purpose of being medically examined to determine the percentage of disability caused by the accident.

The forensic report proved that the total disability due to a brain injury amounted to 60% of his total capacity. So the appellant demanded compensation for those injuries.

The Court of First Instance obligated the appellee to pay the plaintiff Dhs300,000 besides fees and expenses.

Al Ain Appellate Court amended the appealed verdict by increasing the compensation to Dhs600,000.



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