Angry cat bites and attacks residents in Egyptian city


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Gulf Today Report

A fierce cat suddenly attacked a number of passersby in the Ramad neighborhood in the Egyptian city of Beni Suef, injuring them, and they then were given the necessary serum for treatment.

The director general of veterinary medicine in the city said that the cat’s tail was run over, causing it to panic, so it launched its immediate and sudden attack on everyone who tried to pet it, including the residents who used to feed it, according to Egyptian media.

A number of people told their story about the wild cat.

Mahmoud Khaled, a resident of the neighborhood, said that while returning home after buying some household stuff, he was attacked by the cat, which knocked him to the ground, breaking his teeth, and the cat bit him in his feet.

Mahmoud continued, “It bit my feet after I fell and broke my teeth, and it didn’t go until I hit it, and I then fled from it.”

Another injured person said, “I was bitten also and went to the Beni Suef Specialised Hospital, where I got the necessary serum.

There I found that other people from our area were also attacked.”


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