Apple adds ‘Pregnant Man’ Emoji, and the internet is not quite happy


An illustration shows the ‘Pregnant Man’ Emoji.

Gulf Today Report

Apple revealed a controversial update in its iPhone cell phone where it added a new emoji that includes the “pregnant man”, among a series of symbols that were added recently.

The US news network, “Fox News”, said that the new update to the emojis on the iPhone had already appeared recently, and included the “pregnant man”, in addition to the gender-neutral person, who was marked with the crown symbol above his head.

The news network pointed out that Apple introduced the symbol of the pregnant man for the first time last January, as part of an optional update, but it is now available to everyone on iOS systems.

“This decision to add the ‘pregnant man’ emoji led to widespread criticism and ridicule among conservatives,” it added.

The media said that twitter users mocked this, where one of them indicated that the emoji does not belong to a pregnant man, but it seems that he ate a lot of food, such as an open buffet of pizza, while another users asked a sarcastic question about what “Apple” did, and is it possible for a pregnant man to have an abortion as it happens with women sometimes?


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