Awareness campaign by Sharjah Police warns electric bike users against its wrong or illegal use


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The Sharjah Police General Command, represented by the Traffic and Patrols Department, launched a traffic awareness campaign, entitled “Traffic Safety for Electric Bicycle Users,” which lasted for a month, starting from the beginning of this May, as an embodiment of the vision of Sharjah Police in line with the Ministry of Interior’s strategy to make roads safer.

Lieutenant Colonel Muhammed Alai Al Naqbi explained that the campaign included clarification of the negative repercussions as a result of the wrong and illegal use of electric bicycles, and the non-compliance of their users with traffic regulations and instructions that enhance their safety and the safety of road users.

The Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department of Sharjah Police revealed that one traffic accident occurred due to the wrong use of the electric bicycle, and that 168 electric bicycles were seized during the period from the beginning of January until the end of last April of the current year 2022.

Al Naqbi, Director of the Traffic and Patrols Department at Sharjah Police, indicated that the campaign, which was launched, aims to educate members of the public about the importance of adhering to traffic rules while using personal means of transportation such as electric bicycles, and adhering to the advice and instructions that guarantee their safety and the safety of their lives and properties.

Pointing out that the campaign published awareness designs and instructions in several languages, including Arabic, English and Urdu, through the social networking sites of the Sharjah Police General Command, as well as a number of print, audio, visual and smart media.

Al Naqbi called on electric bike users to adhere to wearing a helmet while riding the bike, and to adhere to the speed limits specified for it, pointing out the necessity of using the bike individually, and not carrying heavy luggage that leads to imbalance of the scooter and its dangerous dependencies in causing various traffic accidents.


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