Brave mother tries to stop woman stealing her car, with her kids inside, from fleeing


A videograph shows the mother bravely jumping on to the bonnet of the vehicle to block the thief’s view, but to no avail.

Gulf Today Report

A video clip went viral on social networking sites showing a courageous mother in the US state of New Mexico attempting to stop the attempted theft of her car, where her two children were.

The American “Fox News” website indicated that the incident took place on July 4 in Hobbs, New Mexico. The police investigations clarified that a woman parked her car in front of a store for shopping, and when she was on her way back, an anonymous woman pushed her, got into her car, and drove off quickly.

The police added that the woman’s 6-year-old daughter, and her 11-month-old infant son were inside the car. Traffic cameras showed the mother attempting to stop the thief as she bravely jumped on to the hood of the vehicle to block the thief’s field of view, but to no avail. Later, police officers found the car, while the suspect, Regina Castillo, ran away.

After investigations, the security forces arrested Castillo, who was concealing behind a pickup truck in a residential area. Castillo faces several charges, including carjacking, concealment of identity and theft


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