Bride and groom show their judo skills at wedding venue in Turkey


A combo image shows the bride-groom’s confrontation at the wedding venue.

Gulf Today Report

In a bizarre incident in Turkey, two newlyweds with a black belt in judo decided to display their fitness in a ‘confrontation’ in front of the guests at their reception, according to what local media reported.

The incident took place in the Turkish city of Denizli, as the newlyweds, Talha Anis Arioglu, (23) and Imran Shabal, 23, decided to surprise the guests before the wedding ceremony, by entering the wedding hall wearing a judo uniform over the wedding clothes.

In front of the invitees, the two newlyweds who obtained a black belt in judo fought a confrontation, during which the bride succeeded in putting her groom to the ground four times, before she pinned amid the encouragement of the attendees.

After the marital match, the newlyweds tied the knot.

Türk Varlıklarını Oğrenin said, “They’re basically judo players who want their wedding ceremony to have something to do with the game by which they know each other.”

Sawsan Fahmi said, “They are all crazy 🤣🤣🤣”

Jelal Rizzo said, “I swear he is respectful of the people present….”


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