British expat wins twice in Mahzooz draw, collects over Dhs174,000


Picture used for illustrative purpose.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Mahzooz, the UAE’s leading weekly live draw and the GCC’s first true dream which brings unprecedented life-altering opportunities for participants, is seeing winners recording double wins.

A British expat, has entered the draw more than once and got lucky twice so far, cashing a cumulative prize of around Dhs174,000 over two different draws.

This is not the first time a double winning has been recorded with Mahzooz. In the past eight months, as many as four second tier winners scored a second win.

The 63-year-old British citizen has lived in the UAE for six years. He won Dhs142,857 the first time, in Mahzooz’s 15th draw then again Dhs30,303 in 2022, in the 61st draw.

Mahzooz confirmed that this is a testament as to how it is making dreams come true for people living in the UAE and around the globe. Mahzooz takes pride that it offers participants more than a single opportunity to win substantial amounts of money that can change their lives.

In essence, the more people participate the better their chances of winning, and thus bringing about a positive change for themselves, their loved ones and their communities.

For a chance of being the next millionaire, simply go to, pay AED 35 to buy a water bottle that will be donated to hydrate those in need, and choose 5 numbers in one line. To win the Grand Prize of Dhs10,000,000, you need to match your five chosen numbers with the five winning numbers.

If you end up matching four numbers, you as well as others who have chosen the same numbers could win Dhs1 million divided among the winners. If you strike three out of five winning numbers, you will individually win Dhs350.


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